Sunday, January 17, 2010

Peke Moe baby sleep sacks in 2010 - year of swaddle weaning 'ease'!

hello my lovelies!! yes apologies for the lack of posts .... it has been extremely busy here in the Peke Moe and Bells Stuff Workshop!!!
Hundreds moer Peke Moe have jet-setted all around the world, including to the North Pole !!! One of santas elves perhaps?? :) amazing really the huge differences in requirements with winter weights heading to scotland, canada, USA, and then the summerweights travelling to Dubai, Australia, Rarotonga and NZ!!! :)

this is Isabella enjoying her Peke Moe!

We have also attended a few markets and showcased the Peke Moe along with some of Sheryls' newest "Bells Stuff" creations such as these :

aren't they fantastic!!! :) you can also join the Bells Stuff Fan page too!!

Our Fan page is a happening place to - many new pictures added of gorgeous Peke Moe babies!! and this month you have a chance in winning one of 3 Peke Moe!!!
2 are going to go to fans who purchase this month and 1 is going to a fan who uploads a picture of their Peke Moe baby in action!! :) come along to the Facebook Fan page and check it out!!

hugs Gina, Sheryl & Nicci! :)