Monday, March 30, 2009

Goodbye March , hello APRIL from the Peke Moe team!

Wow, this year is FLYING by already.

The Peke Moe team are really enjoying this year, there are hundreds and hundreds of Peke Moe baby sleep sacks being used already this year by swaddle addicted / swaddle transitioning babies! Check out all the pics on our Peke Moe babies page

Great feedback from parents that the Peke Moe is an awesome blanket alternative, and keeps babies hands cosy and warm all night, and also how great it is to prevent your baby from scratching at their face.

Check out our newest baby - Leonard from Wellington NZ (see wrist straps) -

Don't forget to share the Peke Moe website link with your friends who have be looking for a swaddling or sleeping bag alternative! Chat soon!!! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Peke Moe - TGIF!

Hello everyone.. yay it's Friday afternoon here in NZ. Tyde (my littlest boy) is having a nap,Reef just got home from school and Jay has been working on my van all day, it failed it's Warrant this week! BOOHOO... anyway YAY For wonderful men.. he's fixed it!!! :) and saved us alot of money by doing it himself!

The boys are going to the grandparents tomorrow for the night and I will be doing the accounts! boohoo!! ;) BUT.. I'm hoping that Jay and I will do something fun together tomorrow night.. maybe dinner out ... or a good DVD and take out??! :)

We have received more amazing Peke Moe baby pics today, including the gorgeous wee William from Christchurch asleep in his hammock wearing his Peke Moe baby sleep sack,

and an ultra cute little man Alessandro - this wee man could be a baby model eh!!!. -

I REALLY appreciate parents letting us know/ giving us FEEDBACK how their baby gets on in the Peke Moe - transitioning from swaddling, and great to hear how it also is a great 'blanket' alternative, keeps babies hands warm, and excellent for babies with eczema or those who scratch at their face. These stories, (and pictures) are our inspiration.... :) Keep em coming!! have a fabulous weekend!
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

All these international Peke Moe babies!!

So wonderful to receive pictures and feedback from parents / grandparents all over the world about how much their babies love their Peke Moe... please keep them coming... and check out the Peke Moe babies page and the Feedback page to see what's new!

Here are some of our 'lovelies' received today

Ben - from the UK

and Levi from the US. Wonderful to hear how the Peke Moe has helped to clear up Levi's ezcema too :)

Don't forget to tell your friends about the Peke Moe, it might be JUST what they need for their swaddle houdini! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

want to continue swaddling???? try this uber swaddle

oooh... almost forgot !!!

Found this page the other day, and thought, wow, how clear and easy to understand is this! The 'uber-swaddle' as shown on this lovely ladies site shows a very similar concept to the miracle blanket...
definitely worth a look for those babies that are breaking free of the swaddle, but perhaps not quite ready for a Peke Moe yet!!!

Early mornings........

ho hum... Tyde is waking at around 6am at the moment... and as I don't want him to wake up Reef, I just get up with him... BUT this morning he actually came and snuggled in bed with me for about half an hour (daddy was just home from work after a long night shift!).... I must say those morning 'snuggles' with my littlest boy are pretty darn good!!! :)

I never had these early morning wakings when he was in his Peke Moe!!!! and it is Autumn here in NZ, so maybe I need to rethink his bedding?? My sister has one of the new -cotton knit / tshirting Peke Moe sleep sacks, and her little boy Ash has started sleeping all night!!!! Perhaps I'll have to get mum to run up an extra large one for Tyde! :) haha...

I have decided to 'spotlight' one Peke Moe baby each time I drop in here... today is the gorgeous Phoebe from New Zealand:

I have updated the site and we are working with only 'white' Peke Moe at the moment, we have been unable to source any ongoing supplies of colours.... but I will always be on the search!!

Our Facebook 'Fan' page has only been up for a day and we already have 26 fans! How cool!!

Ok must clean up after breakfast! don't forget, if your baby is a swaddle houdini, escaping swaddle or wrap at night, or getting cold hands, it may be worth trying a Peke Moe!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peke Moe now 'blogging!' YAY

Well , here we are! I thought I should 'break into' the blogging world... This page will be part of our Peke Moe - groups - here are our links:
Peke Moe website -
Peke Moe Facebook Fan page -
Peke Moe Babies Facebook Group -

Introducing you to the very unique NZ made Peke Moe baby sleep sack. These baby sleeping bags have been designed specifically to wean / transition babies from swaddling. The unique design keeps babies hands/arms inside the bag, and helps them to develop the skills to self settle. The Peke Moe is excellent for babies who scratch at their face or have eczema, also to keep babies hands warm all night, no matter where they end up asleep in their crib!

please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Gina -