Sunday, March 15, 2009

Early mornings........

ho hum... Tyde is waking at around 6am at the moment... and as I don't want him to wake up Reef, I just get up with him... BUT this morning he actually came and snuggled in bed with me for about half an hour (daddy was just home from work after a long night shift!).... I must say those morning 'snuggles' with my littlest boy are pretty darn good!!! :)

I never had these early morning wakings when he was in his Peke Moe!!!! and it is Autumn here in NZ, so maybe I need to rethink his bedding?? My sister has one of the new -cotton knit / tshirting Peke Moe sleep sacks, and her little boy Ash has started sleeping all night!!!! Perhaps I'll have to get mum to run up an extra large one for Tyde! :) haha...

I have decided to 'spotlight' one Peke Moe baby each time I drop in here... today is the gorgeous Phoebe from New Zealand:

I have updated the site and we are working with only 'white' Peke Moe at the moment, we have been unable to source any ongoing supplies of colours.... but I will always be on the search!!

Our Facebook 'Fan' page has only been up for a day and we already have 26 fans! How cool!!

Ok must clean up after breakfast! don't forget, if your baby is a swaddle houdini, escaping swaddle or wrap at night, or getting cold hands, it may be worth trying a Peke Moe!!!!

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