Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September and summer time is in the air!

It has been a wee while since I updated the blog!! ooopss.. so many Peke Moe orders... so little time to chat!! ;)

We are busy getting orders made up and are getting the rush from international countries heading into autumn/winter and choosing the Peke Moe as a cosy swaddle alternative to keep their babies snug and warm ... and from NZ & Australian customers heading from spring into summer looking for a swaddling alternative to prevent their babies overheating , yet providing a comfortable cosy sleeping bag ....

We have had many new fans join or fan page - please come and join, you will hear of specials JUST FOR FANS.. :) http://www.facebook.com/PekeMoe

We have been very proud to support International Babywearing Week. We donated 4x Peke Moe to Slingbabies - http://www.slingbabies.co.nz and they are using them in raffles and via Trademe for some fundraising auctions to raise money for slings for the NICU (for prem/unwell babies) to encourage skin to skin and kangaroo care for babies. Please support them!! and join their facebook fan page too!! (just search facebook for slingbabies!)

Hugs to all, and don't forget to share the Peke Moe link to your friends... you never know when the Peke Moe may be the perfect option and they will thank you forever!!

Gina, Sheryl & Nicci - the Peke Moe team!xx

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

from swaddling .... to Peke Moe sleep sack!

I still find it amazing to hear of babies that just 'don't like' swaddling.. and sleep fine without it!! after two monsters who ONLY slept well swaddled...

This shows his first 'swaddle' moments after being born!

I remember the cold sweat breaking out after going in and finding Tyde with his miracle blanket up around his head one night... I knew it was the beginning of the end... we tried all the 'tricks' of swaddle weaning - one arm out, loosen the swaddle, different swaddling techniques, a toy to hold etc etc.. but nothing worked!

he went from sleeping through to waking... LOTS... he was getting more and more overtired (and so were we)....

The first 'prototype' Peke Moe

The first night in his Peke Moe, he slept through again! It was honestly amazing!! and I fell in love with the Peke Moe from that moment on!!!

We have been offering the Peke Moe to other parents all around the world for almost 2 years now! It's fabulous to hear that we were not the only ones with babies that didn't transition easily from the swaddle! There are THOUSANDS of babies just like ours! ;) hahaha...

It was also wonderful to hear that even babies who HATE the swaddle, LOVE the Peke Moe!

waking up happy in his Peke Moe!

Check out our feedback page on the website, or the 'Reviews' page on our Facebook Fan Page to hear it straight from the 'customers' :)

Let all your friends know about our very unique product!! They will thank you for it!

Hugs from New Zealand
Gina, Sheryl & Nicci - the Peke Moe team

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sun is shining!!!!!! yeah! :)

WE have had some gorgeous almost 'spring like' weather here in Northland lately..
It's been gorgeous and sunny all day today! Lots of washing getting dry! :)

Wanted to let you all know about a great product that I recommend for the coming summer months - Baby Banz. Awesome sunglasses that STAY ON babies/kids!

Check out their great products!

We had a great interest in our 3 day special for Fans on our Facebook Fan page . We still have a small selection of limited edition colour Peke Moe available even though the discount has ended.. so contact me if you're interested sales@pekemoe.co.nz

Have a great week!
Gina Sheryl & Nicci - the Peke Moe team

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Peke Moe winner!!!! and welcome to August!

Great news and a big congratulations to Lucy (one of our FB fan members) for winning a Peke Moe in our July promotion. We received 36 reviews on the FaceBook Page in July which was awesome! Keep an eye out for this months (August) promotion - for Fan Members ONLY via our FaceBook Fan page

We had an AWESOME morning watching our 6 year old in his 3rd ever rugby game!!! He got 4 tries and I don't think he stopped running the whole game!! I think we may have a future all black on our hands!!! :) so great to see it when they actually 'click' with something!!! :) Here's a pic of him in his new PJ's he won recently!

Tyde is having a nap, Jay and Reef have gone to the movies.. and I"m enjoying a peaceful saturday afternoon!! :) better go do some housework!! blah! ;)

have a great weekend.

Kind regards
Gina and the Peke Moe team - http://www.pekemoe.co.nz

Friday, July 24, 2009

I Looooove Fridays! :) Peke Moe hello!

Another Friday has rolled in! (and almost finished!)
I really love Fridays as Reef (my 6 year old) is soooo happy on a Friday as he then gets 2 days 'holidays' as he calls it! :)

he has started playing junior Rugby, so that is where we'll be going tomorrow to watch him play (we'll have gumboots and probaby umbrellas and raincoats! :) )

We have had some awesome reviews placed on our Face Book Fan Page (http://www.facebook.com/PekeMoe ), just a reminder, we have a competition this month for customers (no random reviews sorry!)... everyone that leaves a reveiw on the Facebook Page will go in the draw to win a Peke Moe in either regular or summer weight in their size choice :)!!!! Time is ticking by and another month is almost over!

Lots more Peke Moe baby pics on our website and on the Fan page too!!! just gorgeous!

We have sponsored a prize for friends of ours 'Earthlings' (http://www.earthlings.co.nz ) (stunning organic cotton baby clothes, so check them out), on their site they have a forum called 'Parentbook', and one of the 'groups' is a monthly online 'Bingo' game.. there are some fab prizes (including a Peke Moe for August!) so go and join the forum and the group, and let them know that we sent you! )

We hope you are all happy and healthy ...

Hugs from Gina,Sheryl & Nicci at Peke Moe!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brrrr Frost here this morning.. I need my own Peke Moe sleep sack! haha

There is a thick frost outside this morning.. the Trampoline is white and so is the grass... BUT the sky looks clear and gorgeous!!!

We have received more wonderful Peke Moe baby pics lately, parents in Australia and New Zealand are commenting on how warm and cosy the new winter weight sleep sacks are for their babies, keeping their hands chill free all night, and so much better than when their babies were escaping their swaddling blankets! Fabulous news!

We have a special for our Facebook fans this month, any customers who add a review via the 'Review Tab' on the Fan Page go in the draw to win a Peke moe! (only real customers, no random reviewers sorry!) check out the feedback so far http://www.facebook.com/PekeMoe

I have to go and get dressed now as my 2 year old Tyde said, 'dressed now please mum, shorts on'!!! so it's obviously going to be a battle again to keep him with some warm clothes on! :)

have a fabulous day!
Gina & the Peke Moe team

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fabulous Feedback about the Peke Moe Sleep Sack

This has been a busy week.. my 6 year old started rugby !! (Ripper Rugby), we've had lotttts of orders due to our FaceBook Fan Page special, I attended a community meeting to support the development of a skateboard park in our little town (and added my name to the committee!) and tomorrow starts a new 'stage' in our lives as a 'partnership' with DP getting the 'snip'!!!! deeeeeep breath (for his sake! hahaha)

Along with all of this, we have received some fabulous feedback from parents who have recently purchased Peke Moe : here they are

"Hey there Gina, Just wanted to let you know - I got your parcel yesterday and washed it immediately. I tried 'A' in it today - for the first time in her wee life (8 months) she went to sleep, unswaddled and slept for an hour and a half for both of her naps! I have put her to sleep in it now and she is fast asleep - looking like a wee starfish! ... FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER - UNSWADDLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! This is a total break through - believe me - you don't know how long I have tried to get her to go to sleep and have proper naps unswaddled - tonight will be interesting indeed! So far, so bloody good!!!!!Thanks Penelope". (from NZ) then this :
" Well I'll tell you this Gina!Last night she went down like a dream - UNSWADDLED - and she woke 9 hours later for a feed, went straight back to sleep and woke at 7.15am!!!!!!!!!!! Unswaddled!!!!Good Lord this is just AMAZING! I have tried so hard to get her unswaddled and this worked INSTANTLY without tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How brilliant is that please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I shall be mentioning your product to all my friends and post a thread on my international IVF parenting chat room as this is a common problem amongst Mummies all around the world!Brilliant product, brilliant trade and I know one swallow doesn't make a summer but I am quietly confident that we are on the road to happy sleeping!Many, many, many thanks!Penelope and Allegra!!!!!!!"

and this

"Hi Gina, Just wanted to let you know that our baby now falls asleep in the Peke Moe and stays asleep through to the morning! I don't know how it works so well as she can't sleep in sleeping bags. I'm just so happy we don't need the swaddle any longer as I was beginning to worry she would need to be swaddled into her childhood! Thank you!" from Catherine (UK)

and this

"Thanks for the great trade, I love it!! Wish id had 1 of this with my 1st 3 kiddies!! Hope to trade again " Paula NZ

and this

"We have been using our first Peke Moe for a week and 'R' loves it - she won't sleep unwrapped but sleeps so well in this! We'd like a second one please." (Sally in Australia)

and this

"Hi Gina, The Peke Moes we bought have been great- thank you. We use them in the evening when we go for walks as well as sleeping time. Can we please order three more to be delivered to germany." (Stefan - Germany)

and this....

"Good morning- A few months ago, I purchased some sleep sacs from your company and they are WONDERFUL. I promised you some pictures, however, it has been almost impossible to catch her. She is quite a light sleeper. You and your company will be in my heart forever, You helped me help my little girl and for that I thank you!" Lisa - US

and the feedback keeps rolling in... check out our FEEDBACK page on our website to see more and the Babies page to see hundreds of babies in their Peke Moe from all over the world!

all the best from the Peke Moe team - Gina, Sheryl & Nicci!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Special discount for FaceBook Peke Moe Fan members till end of June!

We have adjusted/updated our prices due to currency fluctuations and increased manufacturing costs, so we hav decided to have a SPECIAL for our FaceBook Peke Moe Fan Page

This provides a 5% discount on any purchase or 10% discount if purchasing more than one, but ONLY for our Fan members (so make sure you become a fan and invite your friends). Discount only applicable to orders made direct to us via our website order form and you must identify in the 'additional comments' section that you are a Facebook Fan and would like the discount! :)

The weather is very chilly here in New Zealand, but has provided lots of great feedback from parents whose babies are enjoying the cosiness of their Peke Moe (and the parents are enjoying better sleeps by their babies!)

We hope you are enjoying your June.... amazing how fast the year is flying by!

Hugs from Sheryl, Nicci & Gina the Peke Moe Team

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peke Moe - the swaddle weaning sleep sack!

Such wonderful feedback received daily from happy babies and parents who have made the transition from swaddling with the help of our Peke Moe sleep sack!

Lots of gorgeous pics of babies from all over the world in their Peke Moe and wonderful to see parents adding their pics and feedback to our Face Book Peke Moe Fan page too!

I find it amazing though that my 'big' baby... Reef is going to turn 6 years old next Monday!!!! How freaky that this time has FLOWN by so fast! An amazing boy... who I treasure!

from this ...... to this
Being a parent is a pretty magical thing!!!!!!!!!!
bye for now!!! LOVE your babies.. they grow up soooooooooooooooo fast! :)
gina, sheryl and nicci - the Peke Moe team!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peke Moe - Blog Link A Thon

we recently participated in the MomDot Blog Link a Thon
here are the links. Please do check them out!! This is a great opportunity to find a WHOLE load of wonderful sites, all from the one spot! Thanks to MomDot.com for all their work!

Some great Peke Moe feedback and pics again! Go check out the website!!! http://www.pekemoe.co.nz to find out why people are LOVING the Peke Moe for transitioning their babies from swaddling / wrapping, for eczema babies, babies who sleep on their tummies, babies who scratch at their face, and babies who just need something snuggly to cuddle up to in their crib/cot! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 day special for Peke Moe Facebook Fans! Be quick!

We were very excited to reach over 100 fans on our FaceBook Peke Moe fan page.
So we are running a 2 day special
10% discount when ordering direct from our site using the special code and a chance to win a free Peke Moe!
Special finishes at 5pm on Friday May 15th NZ time... so be quick and do let your friends know.

You MUST be a Fan on our Fan Page and enter the code in the order form when making your order!!!

Sheryl, Nicci & Gina - the Peke Moe Team

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wonderful Peke Moe review on Project Nursery

We are very excited to have received a wonderful review on Project Nursery
We've also had more great feedback from parents.
Don't forget to join our Peke Moe Babies fan page too!!!

I had my birthday yesterday, so need to get back into work today!! Nothing makes you feel older on your birthday than having 5 boys from 2yrs up to 13years old to occupy on a rainy day eh! :)

chat soon!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Peke Moe - Happy Easter to you all!

We hope you're enjoying your easter break with family and friends.
lots of orders for Peke Moe sleep sacks still coming in throughout the weekend, so hopefully we'll have another bunch of new Peke Moe baby photos for you all shortly! :)

Some more feedback we've received lately includes comments about how soft and cosy the new brushed cotton knit/jersey fabric is. Perfect for babies that scratch at their face or those with eczema.

Also that for babies in NZ/Australia where the weather is cooling, the Peke Moe sleeping bag is awesome for keeping babies hands warm throughout the night, and excellent for keeping baby snug and warm during dream feeds/nappy changes in the middle of the night.

Wonderful to hear that the Peke Moe is working perfectly for swaddle houdini's who are able to escape any of the fitted type swaddlers.

Just awesome to know that the Peke Moe is helping to transition babies who are addicted to / not sleeping well with swaddling.

Look forward to updating you more soon!!! :)

Easter wishes from
Gina, Sheryl & Nicci - the Peke Moe team

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brrr chilly here in NZ - More feedback on the Peke Moe!

Here's a pic of Benjamin from the USA.

brrrrr... it's Autumn/Fall here in NZ now and we're having our first 'chilly' day... My sister said that her boy Ash had been waking at night as he was a bit cold, he was still in his summer Peke Moe... so we made up one of the new cotton knit/jersey Peke Moe for him, and she was very pleased to ring and say he slept right through the night last night!!! YAY for Peke Moe she said!! :) Of course it's kind of weird, as we're getting LOTS of orders for the summerweight Peke Moe from US, UK, Canada etc!!! and all our NZ and Australia orders are for the regular weight or the new delicious brushed cotton knit/jersey fabric!

Here are some more of comments we've received about the Peke Moe recently, you can see hundreds more comments on our Feedback page -

"Received today and its fantastic - the new material is awesome. Attached is picture of Renee Smales (15 months) in her brand new Peke Moe and looking very happy with her purchase!! " Tracey & Renee - NZ

"Hi Gina,Amelia has been wearing them. She loves them! She sleeps so well and she loves sucking on her cloth-covered hands. I like the larger size for her...I think it gives her more room. I notice she puts them over her face. I would like to order another" Shannon - US.

"We love the pekemoe! I do like the fabric a lot - I hope you are still not waiting on me! My son's name is Jack. I put him down w/out the pekemoe the other day and he scratched up his face - that pekemoe really helps us out! He might have to sleep in it forever!" Meaghan - US
I would first like to say that my baby(who is 4months now) absolutely loves her pekemoe. The little rascal doesn't sleep without it and it's time to get another two. She loves covering her face with both hands, and because she is teething, she is starting to suck the ends of her pekemoe making it nice and moist. Sometimes I don't wash and dry it in time before she goes down, and well she doesn't unless I rock her lol and then she only sleeps for an half an hour arrgh. I have a few sleeing sacks but nothing that covers her hands, and it's definitely a comforter for her when she can cover her face. My baby also got chicken pox and it was great because she couldn't scratch herself and she had heaps over her face and body. It was an absolute godsend. So thanks heaps for a great product and I would like to order 2 more pekemoes please." Gina - NZ.

It's fabulous to hear how well babies are sleeping in their Peke Moe!

Please keep the feedback and pictures coming!!! And don't forget to join our Peke Moe Fan Page on Facebook

Here's more Peke Moe babies in their Peke Moe!

Maeve - Canada

Charlie - NZ

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Celebrating our 1000th Peke Moe sale!

We have been running for approx a year and a half, and last week sold our 1000th Peke Moe - here she is

Renee Smales 15months (she ordered an extra large!!) in the new brushed cotton knit fabric.

As you can see, she is VERY happy with her purchase.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the Peke Moe sleep sacks
Hugs from NZ

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Website issues!

Hello everyone... we've been having some website issues , our site has been moved onto a new 'faster' server, but unfortunately it takes a wee while for this to then 'show up' around the world... thank you to those that have emailed me sales@pekemoe.co.nz or jay.gina@clear.net.nz and hopefully it will all be fixed shortly.

Our 1000th Peke Moe left to go to it's new 'baby' yesterday, and we'll add her pic in the next week or so!

Lots more fabulous feedback about the Peke Moe and how well it works at transitioning / weaning baby from their swaddle. Sounds like lots of swaddle houdini babies are LOVING their peke moe! :)

Anyway, fingers crossed the site is back to it's 'ole self' in no time, don't hesitate to email me if you are trying to access the site and still having issues... you can also contact me via our Face Book pages - This is our Peke Moe Fan Page and this is our FaceBook Peke Moe Babies page

chat soon!
Gina, Sheryl & Nicci

Monday, March 30, 2009

Goodbye March , hello APRIL from the Peke Moe team!

Wow, this year is FLYING by already.

The Peke Moe team are really enjoying this year, there are hundreds and hundreds of Peke Moe baby sleep sacks being used already this year by swaddle addicted / swaddle transitioning babies! Check out all the pics on our Peke Moe babies page

Great feedback from parents that the Peke Moe is an awesome blanket alternative, and keeps babies hands cosy and warm all night, and also how great it is to prevent your baby from scratching at their face.

Check out our newest baby - Leonard from Wellington NZ (see wrist straps) -

Don't forget to share the Peke Moe website link with your friends who have be looking for a swaddling or sleeping bag alternative! Chat soon!!! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Peke Moe - TGIF!

Hello everyone.. yay it's Friday afternoon here in NZ. Tyde (my littlest boy) is having a nap,Reef just got home from school and Jay has been working on my van all day, it failed it's Warrant this week! BOOHOO... anyway YAY For wonderful men.. he's fixed it!!! :) and saved us alot of money by doing it himself!

The boys are going to the grandparents tomorrow for the night and I will be doing the accounts! boohoo!! ;) BUT.. I'm hoping that Jay and I will do something fun together tomorrow night.. maybe dinner out ... or a good DVD and take out??! :)

We have received more amazing Peke Moe baby pics today, including the gorgeous wee William from Christchurch asleep in his hammock wearing his Peke Moe baby sleep sack,

and an ultra cute little man Alessandro - this wee man could be a baby model eh!!!. -

I REALLY appreciate parents letting us know/ giving us FEEDBACK how their baby gets on in the Peke Moe - transitioning from swaddling, and great to hear how it also is a great 'blanket' alternative, keeps babies hands warm, and excellent for babies with eczema or those who scratch at their face. These stories, (and pictures) are our inspiration.... :) Keep em coming!! have a fabulous weekend!
Please don't forget to join our Facebook Peke Moe Fan Page here!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All these international Peke Moe babies!!

So wonderful to receive pictures and feedback from parents / grandparents all over the world about how much their babies love their Peke Moe... please keep them coming... and check out the Peke Moe babies page and the Feedback page to see what's new!

Here are some of our 'lovelies' received today

Ben - from the UK

and Levi from the US. Wonderful to hear how the Peke Moe has helped to clear up Levi's ezcema too :)

Don't forget to tell your friends about the Peke Moe, it might be JUST what they need for their swaddle houdini! :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

want to continue swaddling???? try this uber swaddle

oooh... almost forgot !!!

Found this page the other day, and thought, wow, how clear and easy to understand is this! The 'uber-swaddle' as shown on this lovely ladies site shows a very similar concept to the miracle blanket...
definitely worth a look for those babies that are breaking free of the swaddle, but perhaps not quite ready for a Peke Moe yet!!!

Early mornings........

ho hum... Tyde is waking at around 6am at the moment... and as I don't want him to wake up Reef, I just get up with him... BUT this morning he actually came and snuggled in bed with me for about half an hour (daddy was just home from work after a long night shift!).... I must say those morning 'snuggles' with my littlest boy are pretty darn good!!! :)

I never had these early morning wakings when he was in his Peke Moe!!!! and it is Autumn here in NZ, so maybe I need to rethink his bedding?? My sister has one of the new -cotton knit / tshirting Peke Moe sleep sacks, and her little boy Ash has started sleeping all night!!!! Perhaps I'll have to get mum to run up an extra large one for Tyde! :) haha...

I have decided to 'spotlight' one Peke Moe baby each time I drop in here... today is the gorgeous Phoebe from New Zealand:

I have updated the site and we are working with only 'white' Peke Moe at the moment, we have been unable to source any ongoing supplies of colours.... but I will always be on the search!!

Our Facebook 'Fan' page has only been up for a day and we already have 26 fans! How cool!!

Ok must clean up after breakfast! don't forget, if your baby is a swaddle houdini, escaping swaddle or wrap at night, or getting cold hands, it may be worth trying a Peke Moe!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peke Moe now 'blogging!' YAY

Well , here we are! I thought I should 'break into' the blogging world... This page will be part of our Peke Moe - groups - here are our links:
Peke Moe website - http://www.pekemoe.co.nz/
Peke Moe Facebook Fan page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peke-Moe-unique-NZ-made-cotton-baby-sleep-sacks/56536069817?ref=ts
Peke Moe Babies Facebook Group - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=23062208041

Introducing you to the very unique NZ made Peke Moe baby sleep sack. These baby sleeping bags have been designed specifically to wean / transition babies from swaddling. The unique design keeps babies hands/arms inside the bag, and helps them to develop the skills to self settle. The Peke Moe is excellent for babies who scratch at their face or have eczema, also to keep babies hands warm all night, no matter where they end up asleep in their crib!

please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
Gina - sales@pekemoe.co.nz