Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fabulous Feedback about the Peke Moe Sleep Sack

This has been a busy week.. my 6 year old started rugby !! (Ripper Rugby), we've had lotttts of orders due to our FaceBook Fan Page special, I attended a community meeting to support the development of a skateboard park in our little town (and added my name to the committee!) and tomorrow starts a new 'stage' in our lives as a 'partnership' with DP getting the 'snip'!!!! deeeeeep breath (for his sake! hahaha)

Along with all of this, we have received some fabulous feedback from parents who have recently purchased Peke Moe : here they are

"Hey there Gina, Just wanted to let you know - I got your parcel yesterday and washed it immediately. I tried 'A' in it today - for the first time in her wee life (8 months) she went to sleep, unswaddled and slept for an hour and a half for both of her naps! I have put her to sleep in it now and she is fast asleep - looking like a wee starfish! ... FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER - UNSWADDLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! This is a total break through - believe me - you don't know how long I have tried to get her to go to sleep and have proper naps unswaddled - tonight will be interesting indeed! So far, so bloody good!!!!!Thanks Penelope". (from NZ) then this :
" Well I'll tell you this Gina!Last night she went down like a dream - UNSWADDLED - and she woke 9 hours later for a feed, went straight back to sleep and woke at 7.15am!!!!!!!!!!! Unswaddled!!!!Good Lord this is just AMAZING! I have tried so hard to get her unswaddled and this worked INSTANTLY without tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How brilliant is that please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I shall be mentioning your product to all my friends and post a thread on my international IVF parenting chat room as this is a common problem amongst Mummies all around the world!Brilliant product, brilliant trade and I know one swallow doesn't make a summer but I am quietly confident that we are on the road to happy sleeping!Many, many, many thanks!Penelope and Allegra!!!!!!!"

and this

"Hi Gina, Just wanted to let you know that our baby now falls asleep in the Peke Moe and stays asleep through to the morning! I don't know how it works so well as she can't sleep in sleeping bags. I'm just so happy we don't need the swaddle any longer as I was beginning to worry she would need to be swaddled into her childhood! Thank you!" from Catherine (UK)

and this

"Thanks for the great trade, I love it!! Wish id had 1 of this with my 1st 3 kiddies!! Hope to trade again " Paula NZ

and this

"We have been using our first Peke Moe for a week and 'R' loves it - she won't sleep unwrapped but sleeps so well in this! We'd like a second one please." (Sally in Australia)

and this

"Hi Gina, The Peke Moes we bought have been great- thank you. We use them in the evening when we go for walks as well as sleeping time. Can we please order three more to be delivered to germany." (Stefan - Germany)

and this....

"Good morning- A few months ago, I purchased some sleep sacs from your company and they are WONDERFUL. I promised you some pictures, however, it has been almost impossible to catch her. She is quite a light sleeper. You and your company will be in my heart forever, You helped me help my little girl and for that I thank you!" Lisa - US

and the feedback keeps rolling in... check out our FEEDBACK page on our website to see more and the Babies page to see hundreds of babies in their Peke Moe from all over the world!

all the best from the Peke Moe team - Gina, Sheryl & Nicci!

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