Sunday, June 21, 2009

Special discount for FaceBook Peke Moe Fan members till end of June!

We have adjusted/updated our prices due to currency fluctuations and increased manufacturing costs, so we hav decided to have a SPECIAL for our FaceBook Peke Moe Fan Page

This provides a 5% discount on any purchase or 10% discount if purchasing more than one, but ONLY for our Fan members (so make sure you become a fan and invite your friends). Discount only applicable to orders made direct to us via our website order form and you must identify in the 'additional comments' section that you are a Facebook Fan and would like the discount! :)

The weather is very chilly here in New Zealand, but has provided lots of great feedback from parents whose babies are enjoying the cosiness of their Peke Moe (and the parents are enjoying better sleeps by their babies!)

We hope you are enjoying your June.... amazing how fast the year is flying by!

Hugs from Sheryl, Nicci & Gina the Peke Moe Team

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