Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brrrr Frost here this morning.. I need my own Peke Moe sleep sack! haha

There is a thick frost outside this morning.. the Trampoline is white and so is the grass... BUT the sky looks clear and gorgeous!!!

We have received more wonderful Peke Moe baby pics lately, parents in Australia and New Zealand are commenting on how warm and cosy the new winter weight sleep sacks are for their babies, keeping their hands chill free all night, and so much better than when their babies were escaping their swaddling blankets! Fabulous news!

We have a special for our Facebook fans this month, any customers who add a review via the 'Review Tab' on the Fan Page go in the draw to win a Peke moe! (only real customers, no random reviewers sorry!) check out the feedback so far http://www.facebook.com/PekeMoe

I have to go and get dressed now as my 2 year old Tyde said, 'dressed now please mum, shorts on'!!! so it's obviously going to be a battle again to keep him with some warm clothes on! :)

have a fabulous day!
Gina & the Peke Moe team

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