Saturday, August 1, 2009

Peke Moe winner!!!! and welcome to August!

Great news and a big congratulations to Lucy (one of our FB fan members) for winning a Peke Moe in our July promotion. We received 36 reviews on the FaceBook Page in July which was awesome! Keep an eye out for this months (August) promotion - for Fan Members ONLY via our FaceBook Fan page

We had an AWESOME morning watching our 6 year old in his 3rd ever rugby game!!! He got 4 tries and I don't think he stopped running the whole game!! I think we may have a future all black on our hands!!! :) so great to see it when they actually 'click' with something!!! :) Here's a pic of him in his new PJ's he won recently!

Tyde is having a nap, Jay and Reef have gone to the movies.. and I"m enjoying a peaceful saturday afternoon!! :) better go do some housework!! blah! ;)

have a great weekend.

Kind regards
Gina and the Peke Moe team -

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