Wednesday, August 19, 2009

from swaddling .... to Peke Moe sleep sack!

I still find it amazing to hear of babies that just 'don't like' swaddling.. and sleep fine without it!! after two monsters who ONLY slept well swaddled...

This shows his first 'swaddle' moments after being born!

I remember the cold sweat breaking out after going in and finding Tyde with his miracle blanket up around his head one night... I knew it was the beginning of the end... we tried all the 'tricks' of swaddle weaning - one arm out, loosen the swaddle, different swaddling techniques, a toy to hold etc etc.. but nothing worked!

he went from sleeping through to waking... LOTS... he was getting more and more overtired (and so were we)....

The first 'prototype' Peke Moe

The first night in his Peke Moe, he slept through again! It was honestly amazing!! and I fell in love with the Peke Moe from that moment on!!!

We have been offering the Peke Moe to other parents all around the world for almost 2 years now! It's fabulous to hear that we were not the only ones with babies that didn't transition easily from the swaddle! There are THOUSANDS of babies just like ours! ;) hahaha...

It was also wonderful to hear that even babies who HATE the swaddle, LOVE the Peke Moe!

waking up happy in his Peke Moe!

Check out our feedback page on the website, or the 'Reviews' page on our Facebook Fan Page to hear it straight from the 'customers' :)

Let all your friends know about our very unique product!! They will thank you for it!

Hugs from New Zealand
Gina, Sheryl & Nicci - the Peke Moe team

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  1. I wish I would've known about this before I deswaddled. I tried so many times to do it before we just quit her cold turkey. I'll keep you in mind for any one else I know who is deswaddling.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.