Monday, April 13, 2009

Peke Moe - Happy Easter to you all!

We hope you're enjoying your easter break with family and friends.
lots of orders for Peke Moe sleep sacks still coming in throughout the weekend, so hopefully we'll have another bunch of new Peke Moe baby photos for you all shortly! :)

Some more feedback we've received lately includes comments about how soft and cosy the new brushed cotton knit/jersey fabric is. Perfect for babies that scratch at their face or those with eczema.

Also that for babies in NZ/Australia where the weather is cooling, the Peke Moe sleeping bag is awesome for keeping babies hands warm throughout the night, and excellent for keeping baby snug and warm during dream feeds/nappy changes in the middle of the night.

Wonderful to hear that the Peke Moe is working perfectly for swaddle houdini's who are able to escape any of the fitted type swaddlers.

Just awesome to know that the Peke Moe is helping to transition babies who are addicted to / not sleeping well with swaddling.

Look forward to updating you more soon!!! :)

Easter wishes from
Gina, Sheryl & Nicci - the Peke Moe team

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