Saturday, April 4, 2009

Website issues!

Hello everyone... we've been having some website issues , our site has been moved onto a new 'faster' server, but unfortunately it takes a wee while for this to then 'show up' around the world... thank you to those that have emailed me or and hopefully it will all be fixed shortly.

Our 1000th Peke Moe left to go to it's new 'baby' yesterday, and we'll add her pic in the next week or so!

Lots more fabulous feedback about the Peke Moe and how well it works at transitioning / weaning baby from their swaddle. Sounds like lots of swaddle houdini babies are LOVING their peke moe! :)

Anyway, fingers crossed the site is back to it's 'ole self' in no time, don't hesitate to email me if you are trying to access the site and still having issues... you can also contact me via our Face Book pages - This is our Peke Moe Fan Page and this is our FaceBook Peke Moe Babies page

chat soon!
Gina, Sheryl & Nicci

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