Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brrr chilly here in NZ - More feedback on the Peke Moe!

Here's a pic of Benjamin from the USA.

brrrrr... it's Autumn/Fall here in NZ now and we're having our first 'chilly' day... My sister said that her boy Ash had been waking at night as he was a bit cold, he was still in his summer Peke Moe... so we made up one of the new cotton knit/jersey Peke Moe for him, and she was very pleased to ring and say he slept right through the night last night!!! YAY for Peke Moe she said!! :) Of course it's kind of weird, as we're getting LOTS of orders for the summerweight Peke Moe from US, UK, Canada etc!!! and all our NZ and Australia orders are for the regular weight or the new delicious brushed cotton knit/jersey fabric!

Here are some more of comments we've received about the Peke Moe recently, you can see hundreds more comments on our Feedback page -

"Received today and its fantastic - the new material is awesome. Attached is picture of Renee Smales (15 months) in her brand new Peke Moe and looking very happy with her purchase!! " Tracey & Renee - NZ

"Hi Gina,Amelia has been wearing them. She loves them! She sleeps so well and she loves sucking on her cloth-covered hands. I like the larger size for her...I think it gives her more room. I notice she puts them over her face. I would like to order another" Shannon - US.

"We love the pekemoe! I do like the fabric a lot - I hope you are still not waiting on me! My son's name is Jack. I put him down w/out the pekemoe the other day and he scratched up his face - that pekemoe really helps us out! He might have to sleep in it forever!" Meaghan - US
I would first like to say that my baby(who is 4months now) absolutely loves her pekemoe. The little rascal doesn't sleep without it and it's time to get another two. She loves covering her face with both hands, and because she is teething, she is starting to suck the ends of her pekemoe making it nice and moist. Sometimes I don't wash and dry it in time before she goes down, and well she doesn't unless I rock her lol and then she only sleeps for an half an hour arrgh. I have a few sleeing sacks but nothing that covers her hands, and it's definitely a comforter for her when she can cover her face. My baby also got chicken pox and it was great because she couldn't scratch herself and she had heaps over her face and body. It was an absolute godsend. So thanks heaps for a great product and I would like to order 2 more pekemoes please." Gina - NZ.

It's fabulous to hear how well babies are sleeping in their Peke Moe!

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Here's more Peke Moe babies in their Peke Moe!

Maeve - Canada

Charlie - NZ