Friday, March 27, 2009

Peke Moe - TGIF!

Hello everyone.. yay it's Friday afternoon here in NZ. Tyde (my littlest boy) is having a nap,Reef just got home from school and Jay has been working on my van all day, it failed it's Warrant this week! BOOHOO... anyway YAY For wonderful men.. he's fixed it!!! :) and saved us alot of money by doing it himself!

The boys are going to the grandparents tomorrow for the night and I will be doing the accounts! boohoo!! ;) BUT.. I'm hoping that Jay and I will do something fun together tomorrow night.. maybe dinner out ... or a good DVD and take out??! :)

We have received more amazing Peke Moe baby pics today, including the gorgeous wee William from Christchurch asleep in his hammock wearing his Peke Moe baby sleep sack,

and an ultra cute little man Alessandro - this wee man could be a baby model eh!!!. -

I REALLY appreciate parents letting us know/ giving us FEEDBACK how their baby gets on in the Peke Moe - transitioning from swaddling, and great to hear how it also is a great 'blanket' alternative, keeps babies hands warm, and excellent for babies with eczema or those who scratch at their face. These stories, (and pictures) are our inspiration.... :) Keep em coming!! have a fabulous weekend!
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